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        Welcome to the official website of Wuyang Group!
        • IAC come to visit
        • Algeria Lighting Project
        • Maputo Bridge Project
        • New staff Development
        • Expansion in 2018

        ABOUT US

        In 1990, in Taicang of beautiful southern Jiangsu province, people in four small houses started to work hard for the great cause. Four years later, it ascended the glorious stage, becoming a provincial enterprise group well-known in the military and civilian circles.

        Adhering to the core enterprise values of “Trustworthiness, unity, innovation and vitalization”, Wuyang group has been dedicating itself for over 20 years to the creation of...

        Real estate

        Be affectionate with homeland and home. Wuyang takes every project as a piece of artwork. Its real estate covers all states concerned along with the leasing and sale...


        Industrial sector

        The industry of Wuyang adheres to the leadership of innovation to spur up green development, expand openness and exchange as well as reinforce cooperation for mutual benefit....



        Wealth is one of the standards for testing the enterprise wisdom and the result of operation. Wealth ensures the survival and development of the enterprise and that the national prosperity is...



        In the changeable world of business, people of Wuyang firmly believe that operation does not only lie in products, but service and sincerity all the more!


        B&R Industry

        • Hengyang Textile
        • Rongbo Lamp-Decoration
        • Shanghai Electric Cable
        • Gudali Environmental Protection
        Corporate culture
        Corporate E-mail
        Contact us
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